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Video Games:

Looking to trade in your old games?
At GU, we offer the best prices for your trade-ins! Swap your well-played favorites for something new and exciting, all while getting the most value for your collection! 
It's simple, it's fair, and it's all about giving you the best deal.
Come by and see how you can't get a better deal anywhere else!

Trading Cards

Looking to finally trade in your card collection? Or did you finally get lucky and pull the BIG one?!
At GU, we're all about giving you the best bang for your buck! 
Come visit us and turn those cards into cash (or store credit)! Whether you're looking to cash in or trade up, we make it easy to get great value for your cards.


We're very open to discussing trade-ins for other things like collectibles, comics, etc.
While everything is a case-by-case basis, please call in or visit us first to see if we take in your item(s) before bringing them in. 

Trade In Policy

Trade-Ins are only accepted by people 18+ and with a VALID US ID.
This is used to keep a log of serial numbers for consoles, controllers, etc. If anything is reported stolen after the trade-in, account access will be granted to the proper authorities to verify the serial numbers. Please call for more information.


*Everything is based on current market value.
Please DO NOT ask for a price over the phone.
We can not offer a fair price for any item without first seeing it in the store. 
Store Credit will always be more than any Cash offer.
So if you want to put your trades towards anything in the store, always go for Store Credit. It will never expire. 
Store Credit and Cash Offers are FINAL. You will not be able to change your mind after accepting the deal.

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